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  DuhNetNuke3 is now online! 

DuhNetNuke3 is now LIVE!   You can get there by clicking this link and going to    The site went live in May, 2005 and is growing!

  DuhNetNuke2 is here.... er, there.... click the link! 

Looking for DNN2 help??!! !!  Tutorials specific for DNN2.  . nuke..... DNN for some of us! 

When I recently jumped into the deep end of the DNN pool, several tmes I was sure I was going down for the third time. I've been flailing around, touching bottom every now and then, grasping at straws and accepting every life buoy of help.   I'm only now beginning to feel my feeble dog paddle holding me afloat.

I can see that the seasoned folks who frequent the Forums grow weary of explaining the basics again to us newbies and 'simple' questions often go unaswered or are answered with insufficient detail to be of much use.  “DNN for Dummies” hasn't been published. Most of us are faced with discovering the shape of the elephant while blindfolded. 

Does it have to be that hard?   I say “NO“.  It doesn't have to be THAT hard.  Hard, yes, but THAT hard, no.

This site contains some of the information I've put together from my DNN notebook diary that might be of value to other DNN newbies like me. 

I've started by addressing the ubiquitous troubleshooting advice..... “Do a clean install and then try this.....“.   I'm sure you've all heard that..... and then perhaps spent HOURS working through what that actually involves. 

How does a newbie have the audacity to put up a site like this? Well, I don't have to be the fastest camper in the woods to outrun the bear, I just have to be faster that YOU. If you're just starting out, I may have learned a few things that will be useful to you.

If you register, there is a feedback  and discussion section.  I'd welcome corrections or improvements to the content. 

Bon appetit!

Jill Johnson

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